e-book Strategie und Marketing im Web 2.0: Handbuch für Steuerberater und Wirtschaftsprüfer (German Edition)

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Im Falle eines Nichteinhaltens des Dienstleistungsniveaus soll die Lizenzgeberin die Nichteinhaltung des Dienstleistungsniveaus beheben durch: i.

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Beide Vertragsparteien werden die bei ihnen zum Schutz von Daten angestellten Personen zum entsprechenden Datenschutz verpflichten und dies schriftlich festhalten. Die Lizenznehmerin soll insbesondere: i. Sollte die Lizenznehmerin einer oder mehreren dieser Verpflichtungen nicht oder nicht rechtzeitig entsprechen, so ist die Lizenzgeberin berechtigt ihre vertraglichen Leistungen ganz oder teilweise einzustellen. Eine Vertragspartei, die behauptet dass eine Streitigkeit vorliegt muss sofort die andere Vertragspartei davon in Kenntnis setzen und ihr schriftlich Einzelheiten der Streitigkeit mitteilen.

Die Wiederherstellung der Daten soll entsprechend der Standard-Politik der Lizenzgeberin getestet werden. Der Sitz der Gesellschaft soll in England und Wales liegen. A genannten Unternehmenszwecken betrieben zu werden oder die direkt oder indirekt darauf angelegt sind, den Wert von Eigentum oder Rechten der Gesellschaft zu steigern oder diese s rentabel zu machen. Februar Wenn dies in dem Beschluss oder der Urkunde, mit dem bzw.

Unterschrift ABC i. He speaks German with native fluency. We provide high quality service at cost effective rates. High quality and easy professional relationships are our highest priority. We first listen to determine your needs and goals. Custom-tailored, timely and attentive service then characterizes our client-oriented approach. We invite you to browse our website and discover why you stand to benefit with us. Our Focus We focus on areas and markets where we have significant experience and exposure, namely matters with a Florida nexus, commercial related matters, contracts drafting, negotiating, auditing and corporate finance and treasury for companies and investors.

Our Brand Our brand rests on two pillars: building bridges on the one hand and an attentive service culture on the other hand. We provide solutions that connect and integrate i the German and American systems, institutions, cultures and mentality, and ii the legal and commercial complexities and parameters of a transaction. We aim to provide our clients with personalized, attentive, cost efficient and effective advisory and solutions to business law and transactional issues.

Please contact us. We look forward to serving you. When you embark upon important strategic measures, expand internationally or have financial, sustainability or attendant legal issues, ABC is there to lend support. We are your single point of contact and interface to the multipoint issues, interests and parties. We coordinate local and special counsel as needed and effectively manage your project through to successful closure.

We accompany you on any follow-up work to make your deal a lasting success. We streamline processes and preserve your resources. For German related legal issues, we enjoy the assistance e. We structure contracts under consideration of likely risks and respective materiality and back-end costs, and ensure the contract contemplates the allocation of such risks and costs. This certainty reduces your exposure to unforeseen risks and back-end expenses and increases your peace of mind.

We apply our significant body of experience in commercial, legal and financial matters to structure and negotiate durable contracts that safeguard your interests. Such agreements are manifold and include disclosure, procurement, sales, distribution, collaboration, agency, management, marketing, service, franchise, license, consulting, sales, non-competition and employment agreements and multi-party commercial arrangements as well as commercial leases and rental agreements, where applicable.

By first understanding the complex commercial and technological features of a commercial transaction, ABC is able to hive-down your deal into a cohesive contractual framework.


ABC also knows that not only are fair commercial terms required to realize a good business deal, but also high-quality process management and continual deal momentum. ABC helps our clients and their counterparties successfully meet deal milestones by e.

ABC also assists businesses with respect to their risk control policies by auditing their commercial agreements to assess risk exposure. This is an especially useful step when contracts must be renegotiated.

Strategie Und Marketing Im Web 2.0 : Handbuch Fur Steuerberater Und Wirtschaftsprufer

Regarding contract interpretation, ABC works side-by-side with the client to determine the backdrop of the deal and develop a robust and favorable position. Although ABC works closely with litigation attorneys, our approach to contentious contractual matters is to first explore the avenues, which spare you the waste and expense of time-consuming and often unpredictable litigation. Our background as investment bankers and lawyers in large commercial law firms ensures that you receive counsel from a seasoned professional with strong transactional skills.

By providing you business savvy advisory, we help you realize your corporate mission and growth objectives.

Books > Management + Leadership | toaconsitorab.ga

We manage the process and all advisors, define and work towards deal milestones, prepare and conduct closings and mop-up post closing agenda items. To ABC transaction advisory means leading you through due diligence, deal structuring, drafting and negotiation of strategic measures, as well as providing well placed advice to help you obtain the best possible economic gain.

Business Broker transactions are often the basis for an E-2 non-immigrant investor visa for international buyers, the applications for which, ABC will handle. ABC navigates the client through the deal and ensures its legal and business interests are being advanced, while providing the client with the information necessary to make informed decisions. ABC helps clients assess and define their risk-return profile, which gives clients an invaluable point of orientation throughout the process. Our background as investment bankers and lawyers in large commercial law firms assures the client counsel from a seasoned professional with strong transactional skills.

This preserves your resources and mitigates distractions. Tax counsel is brought aboard where necessary to ensure the most efficient tax solution is found. ABC ensures that all organizational constitutional documents are prepared, executed and maintained on your behalf.

We understand the special vigilance necessary here, especially when forming businesses with partners. Such documentation includes e. Clients benefit from our business background and skills in realizing contracts when consummating their deals. Liability and tax issues are addressed at this stage, particularly if a new entity is being considered. With respect to business operations, the need often involves a working capital facility, a letter of credit, surety or bond instrument. In the growth phase, a business may require expansion capital.

For acquisitions, a business may require acquisition financing. Such financing can be provided through either equity or debt products. ABC assists enterprises and their principals to identify the best source and product for funding and moves the structuring and negotiation of the financing round forward. Financing types can include private placements, equity participations, venture capital, private equity buy-outs, as well as debt instruments, including straight vanilla loans, vendor financing, asset based loans, cash flow oriented loans, leveraged finance and mezzanine products.

ABC also counsels in determining the best security package and security taking process, including assistance in any debt redemption and security release exercises. ABC will pursue agreement on security principles at the loan documentation stage, which can simplify the security taking exercise. ABC aims to structure security packages that maintain flexibility and maximize the potential to secure future financing. ABC provides small and mid-sized businesses debt advisory in corporate finance and treasury related matters.

by Armin Heßler

Debt advisory has exploded recently as a result of the global financial crisis. Businesses suffering from poor trading on the one hand and debt heavy capital structures on the other are particularly vulnerable. ABC also provides counsel in other bank matters, incl. Business Regulatory Matters ABC assists businesses and entrepreneurs identify, apply for and obtain any required authorizations, permits and licenses from the relevant public federal, state, municipal agencies.

ABC penetrates the essence of your enterprise and formulates applications to disarm imponderables, which sometimes accompany such application procedures. This maximizes the likelihood that your application will be approved. With respect to investments and asset purchases, international clients appreciate advisors adept in both systems and cultures.

ABC provides essential value added to international clientele through our innate ability to bridge cultures and systems of commerce and law. Whether a big ticket asset purchase e. An analysis and realization of the optimal holding structure follows. The EB-5 investor visa program is a path to residency and citizenship for foreign nationals, who invest between USD , to USD 1 million in an investment program approved by the US Federal government. ABC will assist you in structuring and advancing any EB-5 visa application. In the classical sense markets can be defined geographically or by product or customer.

ABC focuses on the following markets: 1.

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International, English-language contracts [more] 3. Contact us to find out how we can help you best exploit your market. Florida and USA We are your lawyers, external general or special counsel for legal and business matters in Florida and the United States. We focus on business transactions and practice areas.

We assist in the realization of your strategic measures, accompanying you in the establishment of branches and subsidiaries and the full scope of your corporate relocation activities. Charles ABC is uniquely qualified as an international lawyer having native fluency in English and German and a bi-lingual education including advanced degrees from both legal systems. He is a native Floridian and an active member of the Florida Bar. This enables him to not only bridge the expectations of European clients and the circumstances found in the US, but also collate and integrate complexities into comprehensible processes and solutions.

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ABC bridges this divide between cultures and systems of commerce and law. Our background as investment bankers and attorneys in large commercial law firms assures the client counsel from a seasoned professional with strong transactional skills. He is able to provide on site services in both jurisdictions. Having a US lawyer, who is admitted to practice in Florida and ready as counsel in Germany or anywhere in Europe, is often an indispensable value added to some clients.