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The only refreshing and comforting I found was God, who I can tell all my problems, The one who said we should bring our problems to him, that one who said we should knock and the door will be opened, and we seek we will find, and we ask and whatever we ask shall be giving us, what an Awesome God. No human being has spoken such words like the holy one. There is no other hope other than aligning with God the creator that I realized is the best thing I did for my life discovering the truth and making the right u turn into the right lane, I came to conclude it is the best thing for one to achieve in all achievable.

Searching for God with NF | The Jesuit Post

A relationship with God is soul satisfying, it rejuvenates the body and soul and mentality as well, and knowing you are in good relationship with God relaxes the spirit person who is God living inside of you. As I learnt to seek him I found peace of mind even at the worst of times I am strong and confident that the Lord is with me, the apostle Peter called on the Lord when the boat was sinking and immediately the Lord rescued him.

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I am one of the apostles that was recued that I tell myself always to keep up the faith waiting to be rescued again. Although I feel very lonely, while writing I realized that I see God in my husband as he is such a good man. I am blessed and very thankful. Thank you Lord! Thank you for all of your comments.

Searching for God

Thank you for your prayers. This is just so comforting. I feel blessed everyday. I feel his presence in my life always. I am thankful for this 31day opportunity to seek God. So be praised. Ignatius said, God will sometimes step aside. He does not leaves us, He just steps to the side of us to see what we are going to do next as we feel He has left us. It is what we do during this time that God determines where He takes us next.

God will walk with me in these next weeks……comforting. This reflection reminds me a bit of Psalm , one of my favorites especially as set to music in two different pieces by Dan Schutte and Bernadette Farrell.

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God is always searching for me. I cannot hide from God who is always there, even if I run away.

Thank you for a great way to start this month. I sometimes find myself lost in the midst of worries, temptations and trials. Looking forward to these 31 days.

[Audio Podcast] Searching for Love, Finding God: Janie’s Story

Grateful for the coming daily unfolding. The stress of long and sometimes fruitless hours at work leaves me feeling disconnected. God finds me in these words today. What a relief to know that God will find us where we are. It takes the striving and anxiety out of the process. This morning was an unusual one here on the prairie of Western South Dakota, foggy, some humidity, lush and green with lots of birdsong. The presence of God was almost overwhelming, what a great beginning to these 31 days with St. As Oscar says feelings of being embraced, cared for, loved and tenderly comforted in His presence make my heart burst with Praise!

I feel embraced, cared for, loved and tenderly comforted by his presence in my life. While his faith in religions had been shaken, his faith in God remained firm, but … where was He? What did God want him to know, to do? It may come from intellectual curiosity, trying to comprehend big questions, such as the purpose for our existence.

If so, two big questions need to be settled before you embark on your search.

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One involves critical understanding about God and His history with humanity. This two-part article series begins by focusing on this first question. The answer to the second question will determine whether you have any chance of finding Him. They were facing huge troubles, so why would God do that? A consistent lesson in the Bible is the dismal track record we humans have in our relationship with Him. You can understand if God is more than a little skeptical when it comes to our saying we want to know Him.

It started with Adam and Eve.

God created them, communicated with them, taught them, loved them, warned them about the danger of taking of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil—yet they coldly ignored Him and followed after Satan. He offered, time and again, to reconnect with His children.

Searching for God in a Godless World (Ch. 1)

What He justifiably expected in return was their respect and obedience. But for over years Israel and Judah repeatedly rejected God, seeking Him only to bail them out of trouble. Later God revealed Himself even more directly, sending His Son in the flesh into a very religious culture. But He met with continual resistance and hostility from people who only wanted to relate to God on their terms, not His.

Ironically, the people who were most stubborn and unwilling to listen were the religious leaders! And in vain they worship Me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men. Sad to say, ever since He gave that stinging indictment, the trend has worsened! Many will be deceived by people using His name, claiming to represent Him! Religious deception, He said, would stand as a major sign of the end of the age! No one wants to think, or be told, they are deceived. These words still shock and offend people today as much as they did then.

Again, Jesus Himself gave the hard truth in 19 And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.