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Murderess or victim? Only Lucy knows the truth.

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Cristina Cabon, trans. Patricia Hampton , The Binder of Lost Stories , Amazon Crossing two women, centuries apart, are bound by a love of books and a longing for self-discovery. Andrew Caldecott, Wyntertide , Jo Fletcher welcome back to Rotherweird, where an ancient plot is about to come to fruition — and this time the forces of darkness might actually win.

Jerome Charyn, Cesare: A Novel of War-Torn Berlin , Bellevue Literary Press , a year-old German naval sub-cadet is wandering along the seawall when he stumbles upon a gang of ruffians beating up a tramp, whose life he saves. Eoin Dempsey, Toward the Midnight Sun , Lake Union epic adventure: suspense, and romance set against the rich and ruthless backdrop of the Klondike gold rush. Julia Drosten, trans. Caroline Dunford, Hope for the Innocen t, Accent new historical crime series set in Huie, Spitfire , Crooked Lane a new historical mystery series set in post-war England.

s Teen Horror & Thriller Films - IMDb

Julia Kelly, The Whispers of War , Gallery start of World War II looms over three friends who struggle to remain loyal as one of them is threatened with internment by the British government. Sarah E. James L. May, The Body Outside the Kremlin , Delphinium a political prisoner incarcerated on the island of Solovetsky, in the s, is mysteriously conscripted to solve the murder of a fellow inmate.

Chris McCormick, The Gimmicks , Harper set in the waning years of the Cold War, debut novel about a trio of young Armenians that moves from the Soviet Union, across Europe, to Southern California, and at its center, one of the most tragic cataclysms in twentieth-century history—the Armenian Genocide. Lance Olsen, My Red Heaven , Dzanc Books imagines the intersection of historic figures — artists, actors, physicists, and autocrats — on a single day in Berlin, Daniel Overdorf, A Death Well Lived , Crosslink tale set in first century Judea that offers hope for the worst among us and the worst within us.

Steph Post, Miraculum , Polis Books part southern gothic, part noir, part magical realism set on the Texas-Louisiana border in Bonnie Proudfoot, Goshen Road, Swallow Press set from late s novel captures one working-class family in rural West Virginia as they balance on the dividing line between Appalachia old and new. Constance Sayers, A Witch in Time , Redhook a young witch is cursed to relive a doomed love affair through many lifetimes, as both troubled muse and frustrated artist.

Nancy E. A hidden stop on the underground road to freedom, if you can make it there. Tessa Afshar, Daughter of Rome , Tyndale a love story and an immersive journey through first-century Rome and Corinth. Ali Aragi, Agha , Melville House multi-generational debut tells the story of a centuries-old curse carrying one family to the brink of the Iranian revolution. Bernardo Atxaga, trans. Margaret Jull Costa , Memoirs of a Basque Cow , Dedalus set in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, story paints a portrait of friendship and freedom and the sometimes-difficult process of finding oneself.

Shaun Curry, The Swords of Silence , Harper Inspire Japan — based on historical events, this action adventure is a glimpse into the world of samurai-dominated Japan.

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Epic family saga. Elizabeth Elo, Finding Katarina M. Tina May Hall, The Snow Collectors , Dzanc a bereaved contemporary woman delves into the mystery of a centuries-old letter regarding the Franklin expedition, which disappeared into the ice in Colin Hester, Death and the Butterfly , Counterpoint London — multigenerational story centered around endless heartbreak and enduring love.

Juris Jurjevics, Play the Red Queen , Soho Crime posthumous masterwork—the story of two American GI cops caught in the corrupt cauldron of a Vietnamese civil war stoked red hot by revolution. Set in s Britain and France. Paul M. Levitt, Death at the Dacha , Lyons Press as Stalin lies dying, this novel records his last thoughts, which he renders as a movie about the people he believes envenomed his life, namely, Lenin and certain women.

Roscoe Arbuckle

Que Mai Phan Nguyen, The Mountains Sing , Algonquin brings to life the human costs of the Vietnam War from the point of view of the Vietnamese people, while showing us the true power of kindness and hope. Scott Oden, Twilight of the Gods , St. Jean-Pierre Ohl, trans. Melissa Anne Peterson, Vera Violet , Counterpoint explores themes of poverty, violence, and environmental degradation as played out in the young lives of a group of close-knit friends.

Alice Quinn, trans. Herbert J. Stern, Alan A. Winter, Wolf , Skyhorse researched and illustrated historical novel about a man who is not yet a monster, but will soon become the ultimate one: Adolf Hitler. Sarah Sundin, The Land Beneath Us , Revell when an Army Ranger and a librarian are bound together by a marriage of convenience, neither suspects it might lead to love.

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Set in s. Margaret Verble, Cherokee America , Mariner Books follows a web of complex family alliances and culture clashes in the Cherokee Nation, during the aftermath of the Civil War. Rikke Villadsen , Cowboy , Fantagraphics a rugged outlaw rides into a typical nineteenth-century Western town, swinging his six-guns and stirring up trouble. Gretchen Berg, The Operator , Wm Morrow debut novel, set in a small Midwestern town in the early s, about a nosy switchboard operator who overhears gossip involving her own family, and the unraveling that discovery sets into motion.

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Amanda Cabot, Out of the Embers , Revell when a fire destroys the orphanage where she worked, Evelyn Radcliff flees to the Texas Hill Country with an orphan in tow and a killer in pursuit. Then a child arrives. Murder and mayhem prowl the highways and coffin paths of medieval England in the Hugh Corbett series Olivier Dufault, trans.

Petra Durst-Benning, trans. Edwin Miles , The Photographer , Amazon Crossing historical saga of a female photographer who must defy convention to live her dreams in turn-of-the-century Germany. Bernardine Evaristo, Lara, Bloodaxe c. Jane Healey, The Animals at Lockwood Manor , HMH when a young woman is tasked with safeguarding a natural history collection as it is spirited out of London during World War II, she discovers her new manor home is a place of secrets and terror instead of protection.

Rebecca James, The Woman in the Mirror , Minotaur a chilling modern gothic novel of a family consumed by the shadows and secrets of its past. Alexandra Lapierre, The Woman of a Thousand Names , Atria tale based on the true story of the Mata Hari of Russia, featuring a beautiful aristocrat fighting for survival during the deadly upheaval of the Russian Revolution. Karen McQuestion, Dovetail , Lake Union multi-period novel of enduring love, family secrets, and mysterious death.

Pola Oloixarac, trans. A comic tale of greed, ambition, and gunboat diplomacy. Ed Ruggero, Blame the Dead , Forge set against the heroism and heartbreak of World War II, novel captures the evocative and timeless stories of ordinary people swept up in extraordinary times. Katy Simpson Smith, The Everlasting , Harper set in Rome in four different centuries; explores love in all its various incarnations and ponders elemental questions of good and evil, obedience and free will that connect four unforgettable lives. Thomas-Peter, The Kissing Fence , Caitlin Press two generations grapple with identity, oppression, and redemption rooted in the chilling history of the s and 60s conflict between the BC government and the Doukhobor community.

Barbara Barnett, Alchemy of Glass , Pyr historical fantasy of magical realism drawing upon cutting edge science and the most ancient of Celtic mythology. THE earliest mention of St.

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  5. David comes from Ireland. According to this there " were "Three Orders" of Irish saints between and ; the " Second Order " began and ended in the sixth century, and we are told that it received a mode of celebrating mass " from holy men of Britain, to wit, from St. David and St. Gildas and St. Gildas, had agreed upon a form of celebrating Holy Communion, which was widely received among the foremost saints of Ireland in the sixth century.

    It is therefore more probable than not, that these three Britons, David, Gildas, and Docus, were already men of renown before the middle of that century. From Ireland, too, we have evidence, not quite so early but no less reliable, that St.

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    David's chief monastery was in Mynyw or Menevia, and that his festival fell on the first day of March, for in The Martyrology of Oengus, which is now agreed by all scholars to have been compiled about the year , we find under March ist, Dauid Cille Muni, which means " David of the ' monastery ' of Mynyw. Other early evidence of St. David comes from outside Wales, and is very instructive. Paul Aurelian, which was written in This is disputable. But we are told as well that St. David was surnamed " the Aquatic," which is a way of expressing in Latin the Welsh Dyvrwr, "Waterman.

    We cannot doubt from this early testimony that St.