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  1. Freshwater biodiversity: importance, threats, status and conservation challenges.
  2. Freshwater biodiversity | IUCN

The interactive map interface allows easy switching between maps, navigation and zooming and the display of information attached to each map feature.

Also, unlike a conventional printed atlas this on-line Atlas can be constantly expanded and up-dated as new maps and data become available. The Atlas is an output of BioFresh — an EU-funded project that is putting together the scattered pieces of information about life in our rivers and lakes, to better understand, manage and protect our freshwaters for generations to come.

  • A critical sites network for freshwater biodiversity in the Lake Victoria Basin.
  • CAFF - Freshwater Monitoring Plan.
  • A SCIENCE POLICY SYMPOSIUM for Freshwater Life.
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Launch of the first online Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas A new online Atlas of freshwater biodiversity presenting spatial information and species distribution patterns will be launched on 29th January at the land-mark Water Lives symposium bringing together European Union policy makers and freshwater scientists. A challenge for policy is how to integrate protection of freshwater life and the ecosystem services it provides with real and pressing demands on freshwater resources from the energy, food and sanitation sectors This new Atlas is a response from freshwater scientists to this policy challenge.

Freshwater biodiversity: importance, threats, status and conservation challenges.

BioFresh Atlas Press release. When visiting this website, remember always to refresh your browser accordingly to your browser settings. BioFresh Blog. BioFresh Cabinet of Freshwater Curiosities.

  • Freshwater biodiversity: An outlook of objectives, achievements, research fields, and co-operation.
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  • The importance of looking after our freshwater ecosystems;
  • A SCIENCE POLICY SYMPOSIUM for Freshwater Life.
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Our Work. Photo: Jens Kipping. Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.

Explore freshwater species distributions. Inland Waters — Post targets.

Freshwater biodiversity | IUCN

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