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He speaks with IFC wind energy specialist Sean Whittaker about how their professional lives have become intertwined. Hannah Graham was 18 years old and starting her second year of university when she was abducted and murdered by a stranger in September Learn more: Hannah Graham Memorial Award. He requires all Peru-listed companies to report on their environmental, social, and governance practices as a way to help investors make good choices.

At 35, Inderpreet Wadhwa left his job in Silicon Valley to build a business around his passion for clean energy, becoming the first entrepreneur to sell solar power commercially in India. Harvard professor Jane Nelson grew up on a farm in Zimbabwe and became a banking executive before forging a new career path in corporate social responsibility. If partner prefers hearts, and we bid spades, we are forcing the contract to the game level. Should partner have a notrump type of hand where he needs high cards from us, he invites a game by bidding 2NT in reply.

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We then evaluate our hand as if he had originally opened with 1NT and carry on accordingly. To illustrate: the auction is:. We should be willing to play game in one of the majors. A minor suit cue bid then is actually a weak distributional double. It has an upper limit in high card points and promises no specific amount of quick tricks. People who are interested in using the cue bid for takeout must remember that the beauty of the bid is lost when the controls are violated.

The hand should have the desired shape, and the correct vulnerability situation should exist. Along with the theme of using the cue bid for a controlled takeout double came the variation of the unusual notrump. This arose from the limits of the cue bid itself followed by an instinct for self-preservation. When a major suit is cue bid, it forces the partnership to at least two spades.

Should partner prefer one of the minors, he has to bid at the three level. If he is busted, a nine trick contract might cost points in penalties. Therefore, a little care must be exercised when cue bidding the major suits. The limit of 11 points in high cards makes entry into the three level far too risky. Factually, the only conceivable distributions, limited in high cards with support for the unbid suits, are or These patterns would be mangled if partner had to select a three-card suit opposite one of the four-card suits, since this hand would be subjected to the forcing game at trick 1.

With a maximum of 10 or 11 points, these distributions would make better takeout doubles than cue bids. However, with TWO-suited hands, the cue bidder would not only be able to withstand a force, but he could keep within the limits of the cue bid itself, as well as safely exert a preemptive influence upon the auction. Since the unusual notrump handles two-suited minor-suit hands, it follows that the major-suit cue bid must consist of a major and a minor.


Therefore, as a logical conclusion, the major-suit cue bid is the unusual notrump with the proviso that one of the suits involved is the opposing major. The yardstick for making the major-suit cue bid is the same as that for making a normal unusual notrump bid.

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This tells partner that you have five hearts and another suit. Naturally, vulnerable, you would not dream of forcing a preference with the above hand. However, make the hand:.

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The knowledge that you have a two-suiter enables partner to evaluate game potentials immediately. In the minors, a cue bid is a weak distributional double. In the majors, it represents a two-suited hand with the opposite major acting as one of the suits.

In Her Own Words

It has taken away nothing from the bidding format because the game-forcing hands may be controlled by doubling first, and subsequently cue bidding on the next round. The Michaels Cue Bid allows for a quick description of a weak competitive type hand, jams up the auction and is instrumental to partnerships for bidding games or partials or taking premature saves on hands which come up all too frequently and which previously had no course for action because of the inability of the partnerships to get together intelligently.

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The nature of the bid is easily explained to opponents, and as a consequence, the incorporation of this bid into our modern bidding systems should become a boon to the game. He was best known as the inventor of the Michaels Cuebid and for his long-time association with Charles Goren in various journalistic enterprises.

The bid asks opener to bid a major suit even if it is only three cards in length. If opener does not hold a four-card major, he bids his lower-ranking three-card major.

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For example:. Very early in the use of this convention, two disciples, Bruce Gowdy and Bruce Elliott of Toronto, proceeded to use the convention as follows:. The 2NT response announces a bare nine points and lets all the third- and fourth-hand fifteen-point notrump cheaters off the hook. If the opening notrump bidder has ignominiously chosen to open a notrump with doubletons in both majors, then with in the minors, he rebids 2NT and with , he bids his six-card suit.

Any rebid by the responder at the three level in this situation is not forcing and likely will be passed, and must be passed, if it is a minor-suit bid. Opener obviously forgot he was playing Murray, but declarer had no trouble making an overtrick in this fine contract, resulting in a top board. True, this N-S pair did not win the tournament, but then neither did their opponents on this particular hand.

Eric Murray b. For this issue we present a new convention that has swept down from the plains of the North and threatens to subjugate the entire continent. The Drury Two-Club Convention attempts to solve the problem of the third-hand opening bid: Is it a real bid, or is it garbage?

There are other approaches to this problem, not the least of which is mind-reading. In order to conform to postal regulations, The Bulletin will not advertise courses in sorcery nor list the prices of crystal balls or other useful bridge apparatus. The article that follows is reprinted from a recent issue of The Bridge World, by kind permission of A. Moyse, Jr.

In Their Own Words by David Calhoun | Banner of Truth USA

We promised faithfully to say something nice about these two gentlemen, and we keep some promises. We might add that the serious bridge player who does not regularly read The Bridge World magazine is patronizing the wrong dentist or the wrong bridge club. For those who want a counterweapon, we have only this to suggest: A double of the Drury Two Clubs should be used as a takeout double of the original bid showing support for clubs as well as for the two unbid suits.

If West has a sound overcall in hearts or diamonds, he bids it. In this situation, West should step in only if he has excellent values or a generous disposition. What should West do if he has clubs? Should he let the enemy steal the hand and likewise steal his suit? He must probably suffer in silence. West must decide whether a double of two clubs should call for a lead or should ask for a takeout. The double cannot mean both. Most experts think that the double should be used competitively, for takeout.

If you have a very strong club suit, you may either bid it originally and avoid this whole mess, or you may wait to see if you can bid three clubs when the dust has clearned. There is no overpowering need to bid three clubs immediately, since you will get a chance later if North has a weak hand. Opener negatives with two diamonds. Of course, he passes, but you still get a disgusting minus. Naturally, the ace of hearts is wrong. We bid two clubs, not three spades, with the passed hand.

Partner, with a holding that he would open in any position, i.

enter But with a light third or fourth-hand opening, he negatives with two diamonds. Thus, in our example, opener bids two diamonds and responder bids only two spades. All pass. This method was invented for the express purpose of mitigating the losses suffered by my partners because of my uncontrollable mania for opening balanced Yarboroughs in third or fourth position with one spade.

The bidding used to go:.