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The word was out. To Infinity could not lose. Second,Third and Fourth Mortgages were taken out,everything that was not nailed down was pawned.

How To Bet Each Way On Horse Racing

And it all went on To Infinity. The race was run and To Infinity was beaten a short head second. Punters were angry,they had burnt their hard cash. And how was that fixed? Everyone got their money back and the NHA changed the Rule. I remember only vaguely. You paint a picture as bleak as a gallows, so I found this first hand account from Karl himself in the Sporting Post, and for the sake of future history perhaps it should sit here:. Unfortunately I rode 3 favourites on the day and none of them won and I was getting abused more and more as the day wore on.

I did go to scales at the back, but it was my fault, I was distracted and that was the situation. Gold Circle ended up banning me from their tracks. We did communicate this morning with an official in Phumelela Publishing as we were hoping to carry Hi Ed Any idea when the issues are going to be resolved.

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Must be serious? Rothmans King Size, luxury filter, extra length Rothmans the greatest name in cigarettes la l View All Comments. Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Please enable Javascript to get the best experience visiting our site! Menu Toggle navigation. Profiles Digest Latest Results. Race Types 2. Weight 3. The Betting Market 4. The Draw 5. The Going 6. Weight-For-Age 8.

Blinkers 9. Fitness On The Track A Rise In Class Do Horses benefit From A Break? All horses of the same age and sex carry the same weight. All horses of the same sex carry the same weight. The two-time winners of the same sex all carry the same weight, and give weight to one-time winners of the same sex. Here winners of one or more races carry weight depending on the number of races they have won, and give weight to those that have won fewer races.

The official handicapper has a Merit Rating for every horse, which is used to set weight in handicaps. At present horses are handicapped in divisions from high A to low E, races which are open to horses with a certain level of Merit Rating. For most of the year these youngsters, who are in their first year of racing and often still inexperienced and immature, race against their own age group only.

Males colts or geldings and females fillies or mares often compete only against their own sex. When the two meet in mixed company, males carry more weight than females to compensate for the difference in strength between the sexes. Weight Jockeys are weighed before and after each race, to make sure that the horse they ride carries the weight it is meant to. One extra kilo is said to have a slowing down effect of one length over m, of half a length in sprints to m , and of two or more lengths over distances of m and more one length is about 2.

Professional Horse Racing Tips and Rating Blogs | Elite Racing

In other words, the further a horse runs, the greater the slow-down effect of weight carried. Horses usually carry different weights to compensate for differences in ability. A better horse may have to carry more weight to give his lesser opponents a chance to compete. In South Africa horses usually get a weight penalty of 3 kilos for each race they win, regardless of the distance over which they win.

This is peculiar, because as we saw earlier 3 kilos in a m race is the equivalent of 1. In South Africa the older, more mature horse will sometimes have to give weight to a younger horse just to compensate for that difference in maturity. In the same way, fillies normally receive weight from colts when they run together in the same race. Each race will have its own conditions which stipulate how the weights to be carried are arrived at.

By analysing the results of races, and taking note of the difference in lengths at the finish and the weights carried, it is possible to devise a rating system for horses. Such ratings then represent kilos weight. The difference in ratings between two horses indicates the difference in weight they should carry to give them an equal chance if they race together.

The Betting Market The majority of punters bets on the Tote rather than with the bookmakers.

The Draw The effect of the draw is thought to have a major influence on the outcome of races. The Going One of the most underrated factors in the process of finding winners is the state of the going. This Christmas, ask for a watch! Signs of unfitness include profuse sweating, a dull coat, dull behaviour and a flabby belly.

Horse Racing Tips

A Rise In Class Astute punters tend to pay attention to the class of opposition horses race against. Doubles And Trebles With the feature season looming in Gauteng, and the long Natal haul after that, punters tend to become keener on doubles and trebles involving feature races. And as always: make sure you get value! Have Your Say. Preston says:. Tommy says:. Madala Ntombela says:. Steven says:. Lushen says:. Editor says:.

Horse Racing Bet Types

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