Guide 21 Easy, Simple & Yummy Cupcake Recipes (Quick, Easy and Delicious Cake Recipes For Everyone)

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  2. 1-Bowl Vegan Funfetti Cupcakes
  3. Mary Berry’s vanilla cupcakes | Easy baking ideas

Some fluffy whipped cream frosting and a cherry on top sweetens the deal. The tropical flavor of coconut combined with the tart sweetness of blackberry delivers a one-two punch that will leave your taste buds in a knockout. Nothing screams birthday quite like a cake adorned in rainbow sprinkles. Make that joy an everyday occasion with these easy funfetti cupcakes piled high with creamy vanilla buttercream.

A dramatic peak of meringue and a tart lemon interior make this cupcake just as delightful as the pie that inspired it. Swimming in the middle of all this chocolatey cupcake goodness is a refreshing mint filling. Become a snacking scuba diver and dive right in! The friendship of donuts and cupcakes is cemented in this vanilla bestie topped with a churro and dusted in a healthy coating of cinnamon sugar.

Que rico! The dynamic duo of tart cranberry and fresh citrus shines in these bright and refreshing beauties. Plunge into a creamy handheld version of the beloved icy drink. This throwback to soda fountain days will have your taste buds up in a twist! Rise and shine with these deep chocolate morsels of happiness. A peppy java-infused buttercream provides the perfect excuse for a coffee break at any time. With a frosting that tastes just like the beloved batter, this is the perfect recipe for anyone unable to resist the lure of licking the bowl when making cookies.

Pollack Photography. Proof that heaven is, in fact, a place on earth. This cupcake brings to mind all the comforts of a decadent weekend breakfast full of sticky bacon and syurp laden pancakes. Give your diet a high-five and indulge in one of these paleo-friendly treats.

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Goat cheese frosting adds an earthy tang to a cupcake that melds together the brightness of cherry jam with rich chocolate undertones to create a trifecta of cupcake perfection. Why taste the rainbow when you can eat the entire thing in cupcake form? This bright and colorful recipe is sure to inject any cloudy day with a big mouthful of happy.

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With artistic swirls of pink raspberry and smooth white chocolate, these breathtaking beauties are almost too gorgeous to consume! But oh, the joy that awaits when you do! These lemony vanilla cupcakes are delicate and graceful, just like the creature they imitate. Make them the centerpiece of your next spring gathering, and watch the compliments flock your way. The internationally-renowned triangular Swiss candy bar plays a starring role in these incredibly easy to make almond and chocolate cupcakes.

Sea salt and a dark stout such as Guinness add complexity and depth to these super rich double chocolate cupcakes.

These sweet treats are creatively disguised as mini ice cream cones, making for an adorable addition to any birthday party or summer festivity. Take a trip to the heart of Dixie by whipping up a hearty batch of these sweet and sassy crowd-pleasers. Fluffy brown sugar cream cheese frosting provides an extra layer of real Southern comfort. It is a truth universally acknowledged that most things in life are made better by peanut butter.

It eats like a cupcake, but looks like a creamy bowl of ice cream! Witha mound of sugary buttercream and a fresh coating of sprinkles, this cupcake is having the best kind of identity crisis! Thanks to Frugal Momeh! Put on your blue suede shoes and mix up a batch of these peanut butter and banana infused cupcakes, befitting for all the kings and queens in your life. When days turn colder and twinkling holiday lights are aglow, these cupcakes are the perfect way to usher in some holiday spirit.

These salty and crunchy cupcakes bring the best of the bar and the bakery together in a happy marriage of true chocolate deliciousness.

1-Bowl Vegan Funfetti Cupcakes

Creamy cashew butter makes for a clever and delicious alternative to traditional frosting, especially when combined with an undeniably rich chocolate cake base. Light and airy angel food cake is heaven for both your mouth-and your waistline! You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy.

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21 Clever and Stunning Cupcakes! - Delicious Animal and Flower Cupcakes by So Yummy

They tasted a bit too doughy, instead of vanilla it just tasted like flour and sugar. Made this recipe to a T but they got too big and spread out and they just fall apart in the cup. It sounds perfect. I am making these this weekend for my neice who has milk allergies. Could I double or even quadruple the recipe to accommodate the amount I need to yield? I would hate to have to make 4 different batches? I was so excited to make these but they did not work at all. I have never used butter in a cupcake or cake recipe so I thought that was weird.

I always use some sort of vegetable oil.

Mary Berry’s vanilla cupcakes | Easy baking ideas

These might work with oil but they do not work with butter. It all pooled at the bottom making them super greasy and dense. These are quite lovely! You have done it again!

6 Inch Cake Flavors

Seems like a silly question, but I am looking to use this recipe to make a two-layer cake with standard 8 inch pans — would you recommend doubling the recipe? Everyone loved them and multiple people said they were the best cupcakes ever! Thanks Dana!! Hi Cali! Yes you can! Place your cake in an airtight plastic food container. After wrapping the cake into plastic foil, put it into a plastic container and place it in the freezer.

These cupcakes were fluffy, moist and delicious! But honestly? I plan on trying more of your cake and cupcake recipes! I also shared this recipe with all of my friends. Dana, I have made these a few times and they are great! Sometimes they work perfect and sometimes not. Weather and altitude may affect that. Would I need to adjust anything for that?

I like the cupcakes. Turned out nicely, and the icing is simply delicious! The cake does taste a lot like pancakes but still very good. Thanks to you Dana for your fantastic recipes and I hope you and your family is safe during these terrible hurricanes! Oh my god.

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Dana, I love you. Hi Megan! See the other comments as others have had success with it! Just make sure to increase the cooking time, you will know they are ready when a toothpick comes out clean! Along with greasing the pans. Just made this into about 40 mini cupcakes for my sons toddler group. Baked for 14 minutes. Turned out wonderfully. Light fluffy sweet two bite treats. Besides the size, I followed the instructions exactly. Thank you Dana! Yes it can, just increase baking time!